i love movies
233. TEN movies.

1. Die Hard
2. Die Harder
3. Die Hard with a Vengence
4. Live Free or Die Hard
5. The Fast and the Furious
6. 2 Fast and 2 Furious
7. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
8. Fast and Furious
9. Bambi
10. Top Gun

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212. TEN people you couldn't live without.
let it go w/rachel
212. TEN people you couldn't live without.

1. My Mom
2. Mr. Schuster
3. Quinn
4. Puck
5. Rachel
6. Coach Tanaka
7. Supermodels
8. That guy who announces at the game
9. REO Speedwagon
10. The rest of Glee and Football

Muse | Finn Hudson
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don't stop believin
TEN Things about Finn Hudson

1. I joined the Glee club. At first it was because Mr. Schu kind of made me but then I realized I liked it and I like singing. It got me in trouble with my football teammates but a couple of them joined too. I think I can get a scholarship with Glee.

2. I'm the captain of the football team and the quarterback. Our team kind of sucks, Kurt becoming kicker really helped but even so.

3. I have a girlfriend, Quinn. She's pregnant and she doesn't want to keep the baby and really how can I argue. Drizzle really would be an awesome name for a baby though. It's really peaceful outside when it's drizzling, not quite rain not quite sprinkles.

4. I do most of my solo's on Glee with Rachel. I used to think she was crazy but she's actually really nice and a great singer. It's really great to be around her.

5. My best friend Puck finally stopped giving me a hard time about Glee and joined himself. He thinks he's this huge stud because he sleeps with guys mom's but then why is he in the Celibacy club?

6. People think life being popular is really easy but it's not. Of course my popularity is kind of going down lately but still even before that, it wasn't some cake walk. I have pressure.

7. Sometimes, I'll be sitting in Spanish and I'll start thinking about random things. Like dance steps. That never used to happen, it was always football plays.

8. Mr. Schu has kind of become the dad I never had. I wonder if that's creepy.

9. The kids in Glee are really cool. We're all kind of in this together now and I think we have a real shot at sectionals. If we can beat Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals we could get national acclaim.

10. I don't want to be a lima looser all my life.

Muse | Finn Hudson
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